Tyre Repair

Tyre Repair

When you park your vehicle and went for lunch, after finish you went to your vehicle and notice that the tyre is flat and you have a meeting later .

Do not worry , you may engage our mechanic to patch and pump the deflated tyre, after the job is done , he will notify you either by sms or whatsapp you and you can collect your vehicle after work without the hassle to tow to workshop.

Tyre puncture is unpredictable on the road, Nail is the common item which always occur on the tyre , there are others object like broken glass ,spanner and those bit pieces of hard object.

Do not ignore when you find something is not right on your car tyre , drive to a safe place or nearby car park and check the tyre condition.

Some drivers may still continue to drive even though they are aware that their car tyre is flat, eventually it cause more damage to their tyre , the tyre will tear and this is can’t repair on the spot , will have to change to a new tyre at the tyre shop, this will cost the driver  to spend even more .

Always check the tyre pressure and make sure that it is correct amount of gases to be pump.

Tyre valves can be small but it is important too , always have to check whether there is leaking gas, (this can be fix at tyre shop).

Tyre trend also have to take note of because a nearly bald tyre will skid if  travelling on the wet road  and cause dangerous not only to the driver but to other motorist as well . This is the wear and tear process , it is unavoidable , for the safety of the drivers and other motorist  it is advisable to change to a new tyre .

Beside this , wheel alignment also have to do it  after changing a new tyre , this is to balance it  without causing  the steering wheel pulling to one side when driving , less vibration and assist the tyre to last longer .

Rotation the  tyre regular,  this is to help the tyre wear more even and drive smooth.

If you notice that  there is a bit of dips in the tyre tread wear it could be the suspension part are worn or bend , will have to replace a new suspension.

Maintain the tyre will keep you and your family safe on the road.