Jumpstart & onsite diagnostics


You may need a jumpstart when your car cannot start and the car battery just change few weeks ago and you may want to do it yourself  without trouble friend or neighbours especially in the early morning or wee hours .

Take note of your jumpstart cable ,make sure that it is not torn or rusty because this may cause your car cannot start .

Some car may need to attach lugs before jumpstart and make sure that car is in gear park or neutral for safety reason.

Before doing this please check that the car battery is not leak or crack because it may explode.

Sometimes jumpstart go in wrong way , connecting the positive (red colour) crocodile clip to the positive (plus) terminal and the negative (black colour) crocodile clip to the negative (minus) terminal.

For some reason, people may connect to the wrong terminal and it cause further damage to the car for example the fuse burn or the sensor spoilt .

When helping friend or acquaintance to jumpstart , take note of the different battery ampere also need to consider before helping , you can’t be using a smaller ampere battery to jumpstart a higher ampere battery , this might cause the other car cannot start as well.

We come across such incident in the midnight whereby our client is helpful to jumpstart a car for someone whom he do not know at all, after jumpstart, the other party car can start and he drove off while my client car could not start and he is stranded at the roadside wondering why it happened and he call our mechanic for assistance.

If jumpstart more than three times and the car still can’t start , do not continue to jumpstart again and do give us a call at 96888559 for advice.

Onsite diagnostics 

We notice that by using a basic battery tester it can only test the voltage but other function like alternator charging it could not test and which is cause inconvenience for client and they will have to make a trip to their workshop to check .

Therefore we decided to use a advance battery tester , it can analyzer  more function on the spot and also client will know their car battery problem result immediately especially when they face the issue on the sunday or public holiday ( when car workshop is not open).

With this tester , it can also check that sometimes is not the car battery problem when car could not start .

People tend to overlook it and always thought that the car battery is the culprit which cause their car can’t start but sometime it might be the wiring short circuit especially those driver install many thing in their car .