Varta AGM Battery

Varta AGM car battery is Absorbent Glass Mat battery.

It is different from standard flooded battery.  It enable a car to start even though the weather is not in flavour condition for example like  last week of contine raining.

It can withstand to cold weather ,high power ,better performance compare to standard flooded battery.

It is sealed and non-spillable without causing a mess and it is environment friendly with no harmful gases is release .

It can charge faster than a standard flooded battery.

It is also less prone to vibration because it can withstand it which is why this type of battery is suitable for high end car.

It is maintenance free , no need to top up battery water.

It is also less prone to corrosion as is spill-proof.

The shelve life is long and it is reliable especially nowadays new vehicle  come with lot of electrical function , the function like automatic door make it convenience for us when we carry a handful of thing.

Some vehicle with Audio system might also need AGM battery because it need high current to support the system.  Enjoy the song but also must remember to take care the sound system.

The only thing to consider when choosing AGM battery is the price as it is slightly higher than standard battery  but please remember to choose the correct battery for your car need .  You will not be spoilt by choice as wide variety brands of batteries available in the market , Do give us a call at 96888559 for price quote.




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