Maintenance of car battery

Maintenance of car battery

We tend to overlook the well being of the car battery , here are some of the following thing that we can do to maintain the battery.

Clean the corrosion of the battery terminal with a brush , it would be better to wear a glove as the corrosion substance will interact with your skin and cause your skin itchy.

Always monitor your battery voltage by installing the car battery monitor , it can detect the voltage usage and also inform you when to change car battery singapore.

Check your headlight whether is it dim when not moving .

You may also choose another option is to wrap a heat protection rubber around the battery as it can withstand high heat and maintain the lifespan of the battery, the heat protection rubber can be purchase from us and wrap it on the spot.

Take note of the battery last change date , usually the battery last about one year plus depending  on the driver driving habit  and what type of battery is being used . For example if your car is using a Start stop battery (EFB) and you install a normal battery then it will cause the battery to finish prematurely.

If install too many electronic gadget , please check whether is it suitable for the vehicle  use .

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