Car Starter

When a car can’t  start, but the electronics to work, sometimes the problem actually is the starter motor.

Starter motors always  make clicking sound when they fail to work , Sometimes starter motors die without sound and you won’t hear anything at all when your engine is unable to crank over.

If a starter is getting power, one old trick is to tap on the housing with a hammer or another metal object, while someone is  trying  to start the vehicle. This can be dangerous, depending on where the starter is located, and it is very important to avoid getting clothing, hair, or anything else caught in the engine, or the vehicle rolling over on top of you if you go in from underneath. However, if the engine does turn over, it means that the starter needs to be replaced at the workshop.

An engine that won’t start often is the fault of the battery, even if the lights, radio, and other electronics system  seem to work just fine. While it is not a good idea to just assume that  the battery is the problem and put a new one in without doing any diagnostic work, a dead battery – or especially a battery that will not charging  – is definitely capable of causing a no-start condition when the lights and radio continue to work to some extent.

If a car battery has enough charge to on the radio or allow the lights to dim that definitely doesn’t mean it’s up to the task of powering a starter motor. Although the scale is totally  different, think about the AA or AAA batteries that you use in devices like, for instance, a torch light or  a remote control car,  The same set of batteries may illuminate the torchlight very dimly, fail to work at all in the remote control car, and operate  just fine because each device has different requirements  of how much power they have to draw from the batteries to work effectively.

In some cases, you may encounter the ignition switch will fail in such a way that it will provide power to accessories but not start the engine.

It is also  necessary to check all the fuses to see whether if  any fuses is blown, and then check for the power at the relay and starter motor.

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