Car Engine Sound

Car Engine Sound 

Your car engine is making unusual  sound and you do not have the idea what it could be.

Pay attention to these sound

       Squealing sound

When you accelerate and hear a squeal or  a squeak, the cause are belt is worn. Your car timing belt might whine while not moving , and actually stop whining after you continue accelerating, only to return once you slow down. Your engine’s whining sound can be identify easily. It can be caused by worn serpentine belt is about to spoilt , worn pulley result the belt to slip or pulleys are loose and need to be tightened.

Make a quick call to experienced mechanic should easily clarify the cause of the problem and they are able to solve it. Replacing a timing belt is a straightforward in most models, but depending on what you see under the hood as it might  be complicated.

       Knocking sound

If your engine is making a knocking sound , it is most likely caused by an ignition problem. This knocking sound occurs when fuel ignites inside the cylinder have more fuel enter the cylinder immediately after. This second ignition could be caused by bad fuel filter,bad fuel injector and bad distributor cap. Before you try to repairs by yourself, we suggest that taking your car into the shop so that you can get a tune-up. This should help you identify the problem and find the best course of action and correct replacement part and solve your knocking sound.

“Popping” Sound

A popping sound could be one of the several problems, before you do anything, it is wise to take your car into a mechanic for a quick tune-up.  Your car will receive a tune up making it run more efficiently, and if the sound disappear . Popping sound could be from dirty air filter ,worn or corroded spark plugs,bad spark wires , blocked fuel filter and internal ignition spoilt , please get it change by experienced mechanic.

      Noises While Accelerating

If the noise only occur when accelerating and is nowhere to be found when in idle, you can be certain that sort of friction issue is going on.  These might be bent piston,low power steering fluid, bad alternator bearing, malfunction water pump.

      Loud sound  when Idling

When you hear noise when the car is idle and you thought of topping up the oil.

All engines begin to make some unusual sound  over period of  time. Wear and tear on engine parts are unpreventable, and sometimes, even idle engines can make sound  that aren’t quite right. Sometime able to hear the pistons going up and down. However, pay attention for other sound  such as clunking, grinding, or screeching – so that you are able to identify and tell your mechanic what is the issue is about before they get  worse. Continual  engine sound  that are present while the engine is idle could be valves struck,engine oil is low ,oil pressure is low or engine is overheating.


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