Car Engine Oil

Car Engine Oil

The engine cannot live without the engine oil, it is the essential part of it.  The oil situated in the oil pan, which is at the bottom of the engine. The internal mobilation  parts of the engine need to be lubricated by the engine oil. Insufficient  lubrication will cause the parts to wear out prematurely than it actually is and over the time  it will cause the engine malfunction . The role of the engine oil is to reduce friction and clean the engine.  An oil filter can prevent  the oil from dirty  and reduce debris. If the filter is not change  on time, it will get block  and will prevent the oil from flowing  into the engine. It is recommended that oil filter change along when you change the oil.

Take note that do not drive your car when is in low engine oil because it will cause acute damage to the engine and you  might spend even more  to sent for repair . In order to save the hassle , do not drive and arrange to tow it to the workshop.

Sign to look out for when to change engine oil is when the maintenance light is on and the last date you change the oil surpass the suggested mileage.

Replacing the oil and oil filter every five thousand mileage  usually car  mechanic will write down on your car decal, this is to remind you.  After your oil has been changed, it is good to run the car for a few minutes to make sure that there is no leakage.  Oil change on time to prevent the engine spoilt  prematurely and it is also critical upkeeping for your car . Please do not overlook or neglect it ,pay some attention to your car, it can save your wallet.

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