Car camera can drain off car battery ?

Car camera can drain off car battery ?

yes it will , depend on where you park your vehicle , it can be low level in multi storey car park or open air car park whereby people or pets passby.

Many people would argue that how come their car battery is flat so fast even though they just change car battery in singapore  not long ago?   one of the reason is how often you drive your vehicle.  If you drive it daily, a typical dash cam will not drain enough power from an average car battery for a problem to occur.  In fact, many people have left their vehicles for one or more days in parking mode without any problems with battery discharge.

The second reason is your car battery’s condition if your battery is not in good condition, you will likely need to change a new car  battery.

Lead Acid start batteries typically found it vehicles should not be routinely deep cycled or that will reduce the lifespan of the battery. If you never want to deep cycle your battery the cutoff needs to be 80 percent or 90 percent. This equates to a voltage cut-off of around 12.4V.  If your battery protection device cut-off is 12V or 12.2V, the battery will deep cycle if it hits this number reducing the life expectancy of the battery.

The following table estimates the voltage associated with a typical 12V lead acid batteries percentage charge for a variety of temperatures.  Note that these voltages are approximate estimates based on an unloaded battery (not when charging).

Temperature (C)100 percent charge75 percent charge50 percent charge25 percent charge0 percent charge


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