Car battery spoilt

Car battery spoilt

How to identify the symptom when your car battery is going to spoilt.

When you crank  your car , you hear a clicking sound and the engine would not start , it is time to call us at 96888559 to engage our onsite car mechanic for change car battery in singapore. 

when you notice that there is a battery with orange light appear on your car dashboard. It could be the charging problem  due to the  battery is malfunction.

Sometime the battery is bloated and this is noticeable to you  when you open your car bonnet.  Because of the high heating , it shorten the battery lifespan. When the battery is overcharging , its cell plates widen and cause the battery with a bump. If you could not see the battery bloated, do not puzzle , the mechanic usually will inform you and let you see the difference between the  new battery and your current bloated battery.

The light are dim and weak , the battery is likely to be weak in power which is why it could not supply sufficient power to the light and other electrical element.  It is also very hard to crank your car when the battery is in weak situation , please do not try to crank your car many times as it might  cause damage to your car starter  and you may have to spend more to replace it .

Finding some helpful person to help you jumpstart  will also cause further damage to your battery or the others person car battery. If jumpstart goes wrong, it will cause damage to the fuse. Please take note cannot jumpstart too many times. If jumpstart still cannot start mean cannot.

Usually the car battery last about one year and above depending on what types of battery you are installing . Sometime the battery might be drain off by some of the electrical component (light) which is cause by negligent act. Therefore this situation cannot blame the battery why is it so fast spoilt .

Using a maintenance free battery will reduce the water loss and the power to stay in longer . It also save the hassle of filling up the battery water.

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