Car Battery Monitor

Car Battery Monitor 

I come across this small electronic device and thought is nothing . After that my friend told me that this small device is a good staff in which  i do not know what is about . He brought it from oversea and show me how it work .

You bring it to your car battery and release a bit of your positive and negative battery terminal and attach to it and tighten your battery terminal.

You may scan the barcode on the device or upload “twin battery monitor app” by using your smartphone .

Switch on the bluetooth to connect. Afterward select language and you may start to use.

It will show your battery status is good or no good and the voltage as well.

It also remind you that your car battery is weak and need to change car battery  .

I realise that  this is a useful device for all driver so as to prevent car from  breakdown or cannot start when you are in unflavour condition.

You can check the battery status as and when (as long there is connection) .

Any enquiries about this small device may call us at 96888559

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