ABS light on dashboard

ABS light on dashboard

If you happen to see “ABS”light on your vehicle dashboard usually in orange colour but some vehicle dashboard may appear in red colour.

ABS is Anti-lock braking system, it is pulsing your brake in special condition to prevent skid.

It can detect that the wheel are in hazardous of locking up and can quickly allow or disallow the control of the brake calipers.

The purpose is for safety and assist you to have better control of your vehicle when in emergency.

ABS light appear is to warn driver some problem occured like malfunction sensor ,fail pump, fluid low  and also to test the bulb whether is it working .

When you start your car , the ABS light appear and goes off mean that you do not have to do anything because this is to test the light whether is it working correctly. But when you start your car and the ABS light and other warning light do not appear ,it could mean that the bulb is burn and need to replace it so that you are able to know what warning light appear .

If ABS light appear when you are driving it mean that some problem are found in the system, do not worry ,you still can continue to drive and  call your trusted mechanic for advice and sent it to your trusted workshop for inspection if needed.

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