Change Car Battery Singapore

X-Speed Mobile Recovery has been providing change car battery singapore and tyre repair onsite for 10 years plus.

It started out by doing asian car like Toyota ,Honda . With the determination of learning and upgrading of technology it move on to continental car.

Equipped with the car battery tester ,it can test the car battery voltage and alternator on the spot before changing a new car battery for client.

With years of experience, our dedicated mechanic will check and diagnostic the car battery problem before advice client whether need to change the battery or jump start it .

This culture is the same when applying  for our client with tyre puncture issue . Our mechanic will arrive to the client car location between 30 to 45 mins (depend on the traffic ) , he will check the tyre damage depend on where and the size of the damage before he repair it .

Nowadays with the advanced technology in vehicle, it need a correct car battery to support it.

For example some cars with (start-stop) function it need a start -stop battery or EFB battery .

EFB is  enhanced flooded battery which have high performance and durability than a non EFB car battery .

It enable to start a car more times than using a non EFB battery  and is also suited for singapore because the weather is hot .

It can withstand high temperature and less likely bloated (due to high heat).

To maintenance a  car battery is also important by choosing correct battery ampere for your car required  , do not choose below ampere  battery because the power is insufficient to support it and might cause others component part of the car damage and shall have to spend even more.

Upkeeping  of the car battery by taking note of the terminal ,whether there is corrosion or loose. Some batteries leak acid without we knowing it as we don’t open our car bonnet often except when car break down. The acid leak will become solid ,it form light blue substance surrounded the terminal and sometime might cause  the car can’t start.

In this case not to worry , you can engage us at 96888559 , we will arrange our mechanic to come to your car destination to clean the corrosion area by using terminal solution and custom made brush. He will also check the terminal condition whether need to change to a new terminal. Sometimes the corrosion is so bad that is harden the terminal as well , in this case will have to change a new terminal .

In the sense of satisfaction in our job of roadside rescue , beside this we hope that it can reach out to more drivers whose is unaware that this service exist. We do receive from client feedback that they do not know that there is onsite car battery replacement or tyre repair ,they usually call tow truck to tow it to their workshop.

Thank you All for taking up your precious  time to read through my  introduction page.